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Across the digital landscape, countless small businesses struggle to establish their online presence. We're a nonprofit dedicated to providing the web development services they need, and we need your support. You can transform the trajectory of a small business.

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BoxWeb began as a vision

Shared by a group of entrepreneurs who were deeply committed to combating global poverty through various causes. They quickly realized that the most effective way to fight poverty was by nurturing the growth of small businesses. Understanding the struggles small businesses face in staying afloat, they identified a pivotal opportunity: by aiding these enterprises in their development, they could generate more business, create job opportunities, and bolster local communities.


Local communities are the foundation of our lives. Supporting small businesses fosters a stronger community network and creates job opportunities, combating poverty sustainably.

BoxWeb was founded to provide small businesses with free, professionally designed websites to enhance their digital footprint and support growth, beginning with friends and family and expanding quickly with onboarded web developers.

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By 2024, BoxWeb had officially become a non-profit organization, aiming to achieve its ambitious goal of creating 200,000 websites for small businesses. This journey from a simple idea to a major force for economic empowerment and community support underscores our belief in the transformative power of small businesses. Our timeline tells a story of commitment, growth, and community:

Building a Better World By Supporting the Small Business Community.

We’re leading a global community to create a future where everyone can prosper.

777 Small business supported since we Opened in 2019.
0 countries where we work
0 job opportunities created
0 of team members are from the countries where they work


The journey began, launching our first website.


We reached a milestone of 100 websites.


Our first volunteer group joined,


The first official staff was hired, strengthening our foundation.


We surpassed 1000 websites created in one year, significantly impacting small businesses.


BoxWeb was established as a non-profit organization, embarking on a mission to empower more businesses than ever before

Why we do It?

Boosting small business growth and profits.

More small businesses mean more opportunities.

We at BoxWeb we want to help you grow your business.

We have assembled a group of volunteers and paid staff to help small businesses have an online presence. According to Google, 80% of local customers visit their local businesses websites before they make a purchase, and 93% of people visit these places in the next 48% hours.

0 Websites made in 2023
0 Families Supported
100000 Extra Revenue Generated
Let's help each other.

We create more than twenty websites per week for Small Businesses.