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We empower your online presence.

Empowering Small Busines with free websites.

We are a non-profit organization committed to supporting small business owners by bringing them to the digital world.

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Why we do it for free?

We strongly believe in the immense potential and impact of small businesses.


We offer our services for free because we believe in the power of small businesses and want to support their growth without financial barriers. We sustain this through partnerships, donations, and grants, ensuring our mission remains accessible to all.

We have assembled a group of volunteers and paid staff to help small businesses have an online presence.

It’s our promise to you: 

Exceptional quality, zero cost.

the average cost a web agency

$ 1999

Our Price


All the features you need for free.

In Just 7 Days, We'll Launch Your Free Website

✓ Professional, Modern design
✓ Mobile-Friendly
✓ Search Engine Optimized
✓ Backups and Updates Included
✓ Friendly and Reliable Support
✓ Go Live in as Little as 1 Week!
✓ Easily customizable
✓ 100% Free

It's This Simple

💡 No monthly plans.
💡 No hidden fees.
💡 We only require you to get your hosting service.

Our transparent four-step

application process


✔️ Been open for a year
✔️ Be ethical and morally compliant.
✔️ have at least one full-time employee.


Apply using our online form, and tell us how a free website will help your business and why you need it. In short, tell us your story.


Our committee will thoroughly examine your application to confirm its accuracy and determine your eligibility.

Outcome Notification

You'll hear from us within 48 hours of submitting your program application. We're committed to prompt and efficient service.

More small businesses mean more opportunities.

We at BoxWeb we want to help you grow your business.

According to Google, 80% of local customers visit their local businesses websites before they make a purchase, and 93% of people visit these places in the next 48% hours.

1 Websites made in 2023
1800 Families Supported
100000 Extra Revenue Generated
Let help each other.

We create more than twenty websites per week.

Our Work

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Why we do it.

Boosting small business growth and profits.


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small businesses are the hearbeat of the communities.

Our goal is to help 200,000 small businesses, fostering Community growth and job creation to combat poverty, support families, and build a shared future of prosperity.

Small business owners face challenges in getting their websites done, because of many factors, but it is vital for their success. Having a website helps bring in more customers and supports the local business community by providing jobs. together, donors, staff, and volunteers we can play an important role in ending hunger, by supporting small businesses.

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day,
teach a man to fish and he will eat forever."
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